Technical translations

Technical manuals and other company material require precision

Correctly translating the technical terminology that forms the day-to-day material of a company is indispensable. This is why we, at Amancay Traduzioni, work with the most highly skilled translators and collaborators and efficient work organization, so that our customers can always count on us for professionalism, advice and consultancy.

Every sector requires specialist translation, that's why.

The translation of technical material is required across a great variety of sectors, from oenology and gastronomy to tourism, finance, law, insurance, mechanics and electronics.

gastronomy translation


tourism translation


finance translation


law translation


mechanics translation

Mechanical engineeering

electronics translation


In all of these sectors, the precision of technical terminology and the accuracy of the logical meaning of the texts are essential for users to quickly and correctly understand the most complex of content.

Our translation and localization agency collects all the necessary information from companies, carries out extensive research on specialist topics and produces the highest quality work in order to ensure that both technical and commercial texts are interpreted correctly, are valid according to the specific regulations each sector and respect the customs and cultures of the countries where the translated texts are destined, something critical to the analysis and identification of the target market.

Good news from Buenos Aires.
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That's right, our headquarters are in Buenos Aires and that’s why we can guarantee the highest quality services at unbeatable prices; up to 30 to 40 percent cheaper on average than our competitors. Not bad, hey? 

A great multilingual and multicultural team

Another advantage that ensures the precision and quality of our translation and localization service is teamwork: we are translators from around the world and we operate in different places, but every day we keep in close touch and exchange advice, opinions and information.


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